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Irish Pub & Eatery

About Us

Here at Magee’s, we want to capture the essence of the “Irish Pub” for the City of Ankeny.

You may be asking yourself: What exactly is a Pub?

In Ireland, a Pub is a community gathering place - a place where neighbors and strangers meet to laugh, tell stories, and share the news of their day. In a way, a Pub is no different than gathering at a kitchen table or a family room in one's home.

In America, the term "regular" is thrown around a lot at bars. At an Irish Pub, the idea of being a "regular" is, well, a bit crazy as you can no more be a regular in a Pub than a regular in your own home! For the Irish, the Pub is a home - not for its whiskey, beer, or food, but for its environment of family… security… and comfort from the stormy rains that grow the grass and clover emerald green on the Irish countryside.

What makes the Irish Pub so appealing is the philosophy that there are no strangers, but rather friends we have yet to make.
To enter Magee's is to drop by a friend's home… the greeting is warm and sincere, the service is courteous, and the experience is relaxing and fun.

Chun na laethanta go léir anseo agus ina dhiaidh. Is féidir iad a líonadh le cuimhní cinn, sonas, agus gáire.
(To all the days here and after may they be filled with fond memories, happiness, and laughter.)